Kendal (and its Many Fine Pubs)

- Gateway to the South Lakes and the Yorkshire Dales

No matter whether you are a visitor to the Auld Grey town, or a resident; whether your visit brings you here for business or pleasure; or if your preference be for fine dining or Real Ales: Kendal has a Pub for you!

The front of the Castle Inn, Castle Street
The Castle Inn

There are small, intimate, secluded pubs, known only to locals; and there are big, bustling, family-oriented pubs offering all-day food and children's play areas. There are lively pubs showing televised sports, and quiet spots without even a jukebox, where the principal sounds are the clink of glasses and the buzz of conversation.

There are town centre pubs, cheek-by-jowl with shops and offices, and little village pubs, some with limited opening hours. There are pubs located with ultimate convenience beside bus and railway routes; and still others that require the use of feet, bicycle, or motor car to get to them.

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Ring o' Bells, Kirkland
Ring o' Bells, Kendal's pub built on Church grounds
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