Find Pubs across the South Lakes and Western Yorkshire Dales

Welcome to stage one of the Interactive Google Map project. At the time of writing (November 2015) the pubs that have so far been included are largely confined to Kendal and its immediate surroundings. Please bear in mind that the website is still in its early stages of development, so many of the outlying zones will not yet be covered.

The initial map (you can still see it by clicking here: static map) is a simple static image with the location zones picked out in a range of colours. This is useful in that it allows a visitor to use the map to decide where to search for pubs from the total area covered by this website; or, having found a pub, to check the map to find the zone in which it is located. However, an interactive Google Map opens many new possibilities - the development of this new map means things are starting to change. As more new pubs are added to the website, each pub will receive its own locator pin on the map. To begin with, clicking on the pin will open an information box, which will tell you the name of the pub, and give you a link to the relevant page on the 'Pubs In Kendal' website. The 'Pubs In Kendal' entry will be where you can find contact details for the pub, as well as any other information such as web address, Facebook page and so on.

Given the features offered by Google Maps, as this map develops it will give site visitors many benefits. At present 'Street View' is not available with a custom map, but I don't expect it will be long before it is added to the list of functions. Current viewers are able to zoom-in, see the individual pubs in each zone, and click on each marker to open the 'Pubs In Kendal' page for each particular pub. Clicking on the 'four corners' icon at top right allows the map to be opened in a separate page or tab. The map in the new tab allows the viewer to switch between the map and the satellite view, and many of the usual Google Map functions remain available.

The schedule for development is still intended to spread farther afield as and when opportunities offer themselves. If you have only just found this website, and you think its aims are worthwhile, then let your local landlord know about it. There is a separate 'Proprietor Contact' page, specifically for landlords to be able to send in their pub information themselves. They can also upload their own photos, but eventually I hope to visit all the pubs myself to shoot my own pictures.

So spread the word! Tell your friends; tell your bar managers; tell your landlords. Upload the details for your favourite pubs and help to get them noticed.